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The industry allows a faction to manufacture new modules and units such as troops, bases or ships.

Production levels

There are three levels of development:

  1. 'Planetary resources'
    Resources are extracted from planets, asteroid fields, or missions. They are the base ingredients.
  2. 'Modules'
    Modules are produced by assembly plants. These can be installed in ships, bases or troops. Space shipyards and barracks have the ability to produce the required modules if they were not available at the base.
  3. 'Units'
    In the last level we find the units of the game: ships, bases and troops. They are composed of a "basic framework" and a set of modules that personalize their characteristics.

Module production

Planta ensamblaje.jpg

Modules can be produced in the assembly plants. They will be available to manufacture all those whose technology we know. There is a production queue that will be automatically managed. To add elements to the queue you have the necessary resources to manufacture the module.

It is possible to construct several units of an element. This increases the time of production. The cancellation of production of a queued item or production, returns only part of the resources.

If there is not enough capacity in the base store, the item is paused at the end of production and has to be released manually.


An assembly plant can be specialized to produce one single type of module. In exchange, it gets a higher production bonus.

Ship production


The construction of a ship consists on installing modules on a chassis. Neither the chassis nor the modules technology have to be known for their manufacture, it is enough that they are available in the base. The manufacture assembles a design of ship previously created.

In addition to the corresponding modules, the manufacture requires a number of reservists determined by the model of the craft.


An space shipyard can be specialized to produce one single type of ship model. In exchange, it gets a higher production bonus.

Troop training


Barracks can be produced troops from a series of resources and modules (those that will equip) and 500 reservists. This will create a new battalion.

Creating bases

To create new bases we need to construct a module of 'Base Core' . We will use a planetary or spatial core depending on the type of base we want.

The steps to follow would be the following:

  1. Build the core base in an assembly plant.
  2. Load the kernel into one of your fleets through the load transfer order.
  3. From the fleet or map screen select the command build planetary base (icon available on telluric planets) or construct space station (icon available on a subsector.

The construction process takes several hours. Once the order has been completed, you will receive a baseline construction report.

Tips for building a new base

When you start the wonderful company of colonizing other planets you have to take many things into account:

  1. The new base has no module except the core kernel module. It is advisable to carry vital and energy modules for the new base.
  2. After covering personnel and energy, the next thing is to build mines, you will need resources, so you better also load with some mine module.
  3. Bringing a factory to install is very important, without factory you will have to transport the first modules from your initial base to the new one in order to install them (which leads to a loss of time in considerable transport)
  4. If you have a hole, take resources for the new base
  5. You should not worry about defenses, the first is to establish the base, you will have time to protect it
  6. Care with maintenance
  7. Good luck and for the conquest of the universe!


Compuestos c.png

Mining is the system by which resources are extracted from the celestial bodies. The industrial base of the game is based on planetary resources. It is possible to get them through the Stellar Trading Network, through missions or trading with other players, but generally all players will extract most of their resources.

Mining can be done by:

Gathering resources from a telluric planet

It takes a planetary base to install a planetary mine. Production can be changed on the base screen.

Gathering resources from a Jovian planet

An orbital space station is required to install an atmospheric processor. Jovian planets do not have all kinds of resources. Generally they are very rich in inert gases and water.

Gathering resources from an asteroid field

It is necessary that a fleet has at least one ship that equips an asteroid mine. The extraction is done by means of a Order Mining.

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