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Ships are units designed to move through space. They are always grouped in fleets, even when the fleet is composed of a single ship. They are formed by a chassis and a series of modules that give it its characteristics.

In order to build a ship, we need a space shipyard. The shipyard will take a previously designed ship model and build the ship with such configuration using the resources and modules that have in the base.

It is possible to build ships with very different configurations and uses, although mainly there will be two types: combat and support. There are two types of chassis, some more focused on military use, with more structure and more weapons capability; and other support chassis with great capabilities for cargo or troop hangars, but weaker in combat. However, the configuration and use of each ship is totally free for the player.


attribute description
Model All ships are built from a previously designed model. Later this model can be eliminated, but the ship will keep the model as a reference.
Chassis The module of chassis on which the ship is mounted. If the chassis structure reaches 0 as a result of damage during a combat, the craft will be destroyed.
Structure Total structure points of the ship, which is the sum of the structure of all the modules. If the ship suffers damage these points will be reduced and will need to receive repairs. The craft will be destroyed if the chassis loses its entire structure, although there are still modules that retain structural points.
Crew Staff are required to operate all of the ship's modules; if it does not have enough personnel, the ship will have penalties in combat. The number of crew that a ship can have is determined by the modules of life support installed.
Fighting ability It is the measure of morale, supplies, alertness, etc ... of the military unit. A combat [ability] of less than 100% will cause the ship to have penalties in combat.
Experience Military units increase their [veteran] status when performing missions or entering combat. Higher levels of veteranism confer advantages in combat.
Role It is the predefined behavior in combat. It can be combat or support.
Speed ​​ Scroll speed for a system in AU / Time. It is determined by the total thrust of its propellers and the total mass of the craft.
Warp Jump speed between systems in parsecs / hour. It is determined by the total quantum mass of the installed curvature engines and the total mass of the craft.
Range Range of the ship's warp drives. If there are several, it will take the smaller value.
Firepower Total sum of the firepower of the ship's weapons.
Cargo capacity Total cargo transport capacity, as determined by cargo [hangars].
Troop capacity Number of troops that can be carried, is determined by the troops hangars installed.
Mining capacity Production of total mining of the ship, is determined by the Asteroid mine.
Presence It indicates how easy it is to detect the ship. It is determined by the chassis type, but can be modified by some modules such as cloacking device.
Sensors Ability to detect hidden objects in the system. Add up the total strength of all the sensors you equip.
Fighter defense Ability to avoid a fighter attack. It can be increased with fighters or with gatling guns.
Maintenance Total cost of maintenance of the ship. It is determined by the chassis and each of the modules it manages. Generally the most advanced chassis and modules are more expensive to maintain.
Mass Total mass of the ship, is the sum of the mass of the chassis and all its modules. It affects the speed of the ship.
Repairs Self-repair capability. It can be augmented with repair system.
Repair Bonus Some repair modules allow to give bonuses to other ships of the same fleet.
Maneuverability Determines the ship's ability to escape. It reduces the chances of receiving a shot and increases your chances of escape.

Basic modules of a ship

Each ship must equip at least one module of each main type.

Chassis It is the basic module on which the ship is mounted. It has a capacity (space) for modules and some requirements of crew and energy to function.
Thruster The thrusters provide movement to the ship, the greater the total thrust in total mass ratio of the ship, the greater its speed. Every ship must equip at least one thruster.
Power plant A ship needs energy to operate, the amount depends on the type of chassis and the modules it equips. With the exception of solar plants, the ships can install any other type of power reactor.
Life support Every ship needs a minimum crew. In order to provide the ship with more crew capacity, it needs to install life support modules

The rest of the modules that will be installed will determine the final characteristics of the model. Any type of configuration can be created as long as it meets the requirements of energy, crew and capacity.

Roles of ship

The ship will act like a normal military unit, participating in the combat and only abandoning it in the case of being very damaged.
The ship mainly fulfills a support role as transporting troops, cargo or mining, not being specialized in combat. If the fleet is the attacker, all support ships will immediately go to escape mode. If the fleet is attacked, the support ships will attempt to exit the combat as soon as possible.

Ship options

When selecting a ship will appear a panel with your data and the following options:

It allows to change the modules of the ship for those of another model with the same chassis. It is necessary that the fleet be in the same subsector as a base with space shipyard. The modification will be processed as a new building.
Recycle the ship in a nearby base by recovering part of the resources.
Modifies the name of the ship.
Change Role
It changes the behavior of the ship between 'combat' and support '.

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