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About ZeroG Commander

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ZeroG Commander is a sci-fi grand strategy game played online in a persistent universe.

Important pages


Game account creation
To begin, you need to create a user account. If you already have it, the next thing is to connect to a game and create a new faction.
Game tutorials
ZeroG Commander is a complex game. Tutorials are essential if you have just started.
Game guides
The tutorials will explain the fundamental concepts, but the beginning guide explains how to start planning your faction.
Content list
The content page shows you the category index of the game.

Game features

  • Giant universe with planets of various types, comets and fields of asteroids that have different types of resources to exploit.
  • Advanced command system that allows scheduling a fleet to perform a complex set of orders whose execution can last several days.
  • System of ranking of players based on the prestige and other values ​​like technology, the population or your economy.
  • Advanced combat system that includes: base looting, fleet fighting, bombing, interceptions, and assaults. The ships and fleets have locations of damage, crew that suffer casualties and critical damage.
  • Advanced Diplomacy: wars, non-aggression pacts, cease-fire, trade agreements. It allows to create systems of vassalage through regular payments.
  • Random missions NPC of many types: mining, trading, combat ... they offer special rewards and content to the game.
  • Random events that can occur to players and global events. Many of them are known through the news system.
  • Cooperative alliances between players, also called consortia. They allow communication between groups of factions that come together to make advanced missions and control the enclaves, which are special points of the game.
  • Espionage between players based on infiltration networks, with different types of missions.
  • Complex economic system: control of income and expenses, taxes, consumer goods, taxes ... each player chooses how much he wants to spend and how he wants to generate income: trade, missions, piracy, colonies ...
  • Advanced trade between players: commercial orders, commercial fleets, trade with NPC ...
  • Complex industrial system: various types of resources, production of modules, assembly of ships, training of troops, expansion of bases.
  • More than 400 types of objects. Many of them produced by crafting. Others are special objects.
  • Unique installations that give juicy extras for the faction, available for purchase in the star market in exchange for prestige and credits.
  • More than 400 unique technologies that are unlocked in a technological tree.
  • Custom design of ships based on chassis and modules that we know. Different classes of ships to fulfill different functions at the whim of the player.
  • Advanced automation of fleets to fulfill orders depending on their future state. It allows to chain orders that are being fulfilled alone without the supervision of the player.


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