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Diplomacy allows the relations between two factions of players. In order to interact with each other, factions must be known. One faction will know another when it detects for the first time any of its bases or fleets. The detected faction will appear in your contact list and diplomatic status will be no contact. The faction that has been detected will not receive any warning.

The faction's diplomacy screen shows us a chart with the diplomatic state and faction communication options. If a faction that knows another and is still in the no contact state, you can press the contact option. Once this is done, the other faction will detect the faction that initiated the communication and the status of the relationship will change to neutrality.

Diplomatic states

Two factions are always in a diplomatic status. This state can change through unilateral or bilateral diplomatic actions (pacts).

Diagram states diplomacy.png

Status duration Description
State diplomatico sin contacto.png No contact Undefined It is the state when two factions have not yet initiated diplomatic relations. It is automatically terminated and passed to neutrality when one of the two factions executes the action of initiating contact.
State diplomatico neutralidad.png Neutrality Undefined Initial state between factions when they initiate contact. Both factions can establish trade agreements, stay in peace or declare war during this state.
State diplomatico no agresion.png Non-aggression Period pacted During a non-aggression pact, both factions undertake not to declare war. If the agreement is canceled or the time expires and automatic renewal is not activated, the state of the faction returns to neutrality. The cancellation of the agreement before the end of its period implies an important loss of prestige.
State diplomatico no beligerancia.png No belligerence 24h It is a period of grace since a faction declares war until hostilities can begin. This period can be violated with the action of "forcing war", however, this implies an important loss of prestige.
State diplomatico guerra.png War Undefined During this diplomatic state military units are considered hostile. It is possible to destroy enemy fleets and attack their bases. To get out of this state it is necessary to agree on a cease-fire.
State diplomatico cese el fuego.png Cease fire Period pacted Period of grace after the signing of an armistice. Once this period is over, the diplomatic state will become "neutral". It is possible to violate the armistice and force the war again. This has an important penalty of prestige.

Diplomatic actions

action condition required description
Contact Contactless It initiates the diplomatic relations between both factions putting the state to neutrality. The other faction automatically detects ours.
Declare war Neutrality It changes the state to non-belligerence for 24h. After this period, the two factions will go to war. There is no penalty for declaring war on another faction, except that the other faction belongs to the Stranet protectorate.
Force war No belligerence Accelerate the period for the beginning of the war. It has a strong penalty of prestige.
Propose non-aggression pact Neutrality It sends a non-aggression proposal with the conditions that you want to give (taxes).
Propose commercial treaty Neutrality or non-aggression pact It sends a trade agreement proposal with the duration that you want to give.
Transmit base commercial position Neutrality or non-aggression pact Send the position of one of your bases.
Cease fire War or not in belligerence Send a ceasefire proposal.
Cancel non-aggression pact Non-aggression pact Immediately cancels the pact and moves to a state of neutrality. It has a strong penalty of prestige.
Cancel automatic renewal Non-aggression pact It cancels the renewal of the pact that is done automatically at the end of the period if both factions are marked the action.
Activate automatic renewal Non-aggression pact Reactivates the renewal of the pact that is performed automatically at the end of the period if both factions have marked the action.


A diplomatic proposal may include the offer or demand for a tribute in the form of money. In the case of sending a proposal by paying, we must have the money available, being discounted from the account of the faction and returned in the event of cancellation of the proposal.

Unconditional surrender

The unconditional surrender is a unilateral diplomatic option that allows to force a ceasefire between two factions in a state of war or non-belligerence. The duration of the ceasefire is 10 days, after which a new declaration of war is possible.

The cost of the surrender is 50% of all the prestige (the influence can remain negative) and the prohibition of claiming sovereignty in any system during the ceasefire period. The winning faction gets 20% of the prestige of the defeated faction.

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