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The prestige is the fame that has a faction with respect to all other factions and people in the universe. It is the main value that determines the score of a player. Other values ​​that determine the score are the fleet, the army, the economy, technology and population.


Each time a point of prestige is gained, a point of influence is also won. The points of influence can be exchanged by settlers, money or special objects such as unique facilities or accelerators in the Stellar Trading Network. The influence is reduced by spending it or as a consequence of breaking deals, and may reach a negative value.

Consequences of negative influence

If our faction has a negative influence, it will not have the possibility of buying special items and will have a Stranet boycot, preventing it from using its transports in the delivery system.

Prestige categories

Prestige can be won or lost in different ways. You can check the different values ​​on the prestige screen.

Category Description
Survival It is an amount automatically earned by surviving in the game.
Sovereignty We obtain points for each system in which we possess the sovereignty, the enclaves provide many points of sovereignty. If the faction belongs to a consortium, the points of sovereignty are divided among the members of the consortium.
Artifacts Each alien artifact, unique object or World Heritage installed on a base increases prestige.
Happiness The bonus obtained depends on the number of settlers we have and their level of happiness. A base with 10,000 settlers and happiness +3 gets the same amount of prestige as two bases of 5,000 settlers with the same happiness.
Missions Some missions offer a reward of prestige, especially combat or rescue. Consortium missions also offer great prestige rewards.
Exploration Planets, moons and asteroid fields can be explored by a fleet. There are some stars whose exploration gives more prestige than others.
Achievements and objectives The achievements of the game increase the prestige when they reach their levels. The objectives fulfilled also increase the prestige.
Military The faction gains military prestige by losing units (gloriously on the battlefield) or when it destroys military units of other factions.