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Sovereignty is the proclamation of a faction in the owner of a stellar system. Ownership of a system not only has symbolic importance, it also gives prestige points to the faction for each system and time under control. Any faction that has at least one base can claim the sovereignty of a system.

Each system under control gives prestige points per hour. If you also have the sovereignty of all the systems in the sector, double the total profit.

Sector sovereignty

It is obtained when a faction has the sovereignty of all the systems of the sector. Doubles the gain of prestige gained by each system.

Disputed sovereignty

If another faction claims the sovereignty of a system already claimed by other factions, all the factions that claim it receive a notice on the command screen. The sovereignty of said system to be "in dispute" and none of the factions obtain the prestige bonus. It is only possible to eliminate this claim through the diplomatic channel or by terminating all the bases of a faction in the system.

Visibility of sovereignty

A faction can see the sovereignty of a sector if any of the following circumstances occurs:

  1. He has a fleet.
  2. Has a base.
  3. Has access to some base in sector
  4. Has a spy network in sector.