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Faction missions are activities that can be carried out by fleets and grant different types of rewards. There may be several missions available at the same time, but new missions are more likely to appear if all missions are completed. The missions end up disappearing if they are not completed in a long time.

All missions have a 'level of difficulty' 'which indicates the strength of the fleet or opposing troops in the event of an encounter. All missions have a probability of space combat and troop combat. It is possible to perform a mission of very high difficulty with a small fleet if in the roll does not occur a meeting. It is up to the player to choose if he wants to risk a high difficulty mission with a fleet with low combat capability.

Missions can trigger new missions or events by successfully completing, or failing or ignoring each other. For example, some missions may increase or reduce the level of [pirate activity] in the system.

Appearance and difficulty of the missions

All missions have one level. A faction that successfully completes a mission happens to have the level of that mission. The missions that will appear to you from there will also increase your level. Each type of mission has its level, so it can increase the level of mining missions while remaining under that of combat missions, for example.

Types of missions

type description
Comercio.jpg Commerce It can be buy or sell. If the fleet transports the required products to the requested position obtains a profit higher than its base price. In the case of a purchase, the fleet acquires products at a price lower than the base.
Suministros.jpg Supplies A supply packet arrives from the Faction or a package with a purchase to Earth to a system. You have to send a fleet with enough cargo capacity to complete the mission.
Intercepcion.jpg Combat It is a mission of punishment, a defense, etc ... against NPC. Requires a space combat and / or troops. The mission succeeds if you win the battle. The big reward.
Defensa.jpg Transport It requires that the fleet has a certain storage capacity. They usually have a low difficulty, but higher levels of difficulty demand an increasing load capacity.
Exploracion.jpg Exploration The fleet receives a signal or investigates a lost ship or something strange. The reward may include an alien artifact. It is necessary to have troops loaded to fulfill the mission, the probability of success depends on the sum of the ability of exploration of the troops.
Minando.jpg Mining Requires the fleet to have mining capability. You get a reward in minerals much higher than if that fleet was mining asteroids.
Patrulla.jpg training It is a mission in which the ships and troops of the fleet obtain experience when performing maneuvers in some dangerous place.
Rescate.jpg Rescue The mission tries to recover people from a compromised situation. The rewards are new settlers who become part of your population reserve.

Characteristics of the missions


The missions have a degree of difficulty that determine the hardness of the enemies in case of a combat. The missions with greater difficulty usually offer more juicy rewards.

Chained missions

Some missions are only available immediately after completing an earlier mission. These tend to have greater difficulty and much better reward.

Major missions

Important missions are those that appear during the start or during the game and that have an event possibility. The event can occur if the mission is not performed or ignored, usually with unpleasant consequences.

Special missions

Some missions appear in the system as a result of an event. These missions are available to all factions, and can only be performed by the first fleet to arrive.