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Factions are the political organizations that control players. Each faction is an autonomous unit that has a name, an acronym and a symbol (or flag). Also, when creating your faction, you must choose a type.

Types of factions

There are six types of factions, each with different starting advantages. In zeroG Commander there are no classes that restrict the development of the player from the beginning.

type advantage 1 advantage 2 description
Corporativa.png Corporative Extra funds Initial Miner The faction is born as a new business project or a franchise of a multinational. Its motivation is that of economic growth and commercial expansion.

"At the end of the 21st century, the enormous economic crisis generated by decades of overexploitation of resources and runaway consumption demanded the creation of new markets. Existing companies and new groups of entrepreneurs put their eyes on the infinite mineral deposits and possibilities of business that the universe offered. Thus were born multiplanetary corporations, gigantic organizations that even rivaled governments in wealth, power and influence.

Religiosa.png Religious Habitat Extra funds The faction is composed of an organized group of followers of a religion whose desire is to create a new community.

"For many centuries, the Earth was a powder magazine with an enormous religious diversity where frictions and rivalries complicated the coexistence of human beings. The possibility of the creation of new religious communities pure and inbred offered a hope for all those who wanted to profess their religion in peace.

Militar.png Military Advanced Fortification Improved troop The faction is constituted by an army or military unit whose organization is based on the discipline and its business is the war.

"One of the great changes that occurred over the past century was that military power went from being exclusively in the hands of a handful of nations to being divided with the new emerging groups. Lords of war, guerrilla groups, private armies and mercenaries had the ability to expand their operations to new planets.

Nacional.png National Improved troop Extra manpower The faction is part of a colonization mission undertaken by an earth nation.

"The strong tensions between nations that have always been in the history of the Earth have been due to power struggles and competition for resources. With the era of space colonization, this competition moved beyond the cradle of humanity. Just as the Renaissance sailors sought new lands, the new space colonists sought new worlds. "

Idiologica.jpg Ideological Habitat Initial Miner The faction is constituted as a social experiment for the establishment of a new type of future community.

"Political societies and structures of the past offered few possibilities for change or reform. Thus, numerous social groups found in the new colonies an opportunity to start from scratch. New experimental policies, new social orders, would have room in these communities. Hoping to have a better life, many people risked everything and went to colonization. What would the future hold? they did not know, but they had to try.

Tecnologia.png Technocrat Superior technology Advanced Laboratory The faction is led by a scientific committee that seeks to expand new horizons of knowledge without the restrictions of terrestrial policies.

"Throughout the twenty-first century, technological development in fields such as genomics or artificial intelligence reached such a point that humanity had to face new ethical dilemmas about its very nature. The more conservative sectors of society, and even the more moderate, saw these advances as a threat to the human essence. This led to an intense debate that led to increasingly strong restrictions on research in these fields. Those pioneering researchers who wanted to bring the human being to their next evolutionary step had no choice but to work in the shade or leave wherever these restrictions did not exist.

Initial advantages

Superior Technology

The faction begins with extra technology already investigated.

"Our greatest technological progress will always be an advantage in facing the challenges presented to us."


The faction begins with a laboratory installed at the base.

"With the aim of starting our research as soon as possible, we will create a laboratory of initiation

Improved Troop

The faction begins with an advanced military unit.

"The superior quality of our troops will protect our interests more efficiently.

Space shipyard

The faction begins with a space shipyard installed at the base.

"Our ability to build ships from the beginning will give us an advantage during the initial expansion,

Extra funds

The faction begins with extra funds.

"Higher funding will allow us to make stronger investments and have higher budgets."

Initial miner

The faction begins with a spacecraft capable of asteroid mining.

"Our fleet incorporates an asteroid-capable spacecraft that will allow us to access rare resources more quickly."

Extra manpower

Faction starts with a higher amount of manpower. "Our nation has an enormous amount of human resources that will ease the burden of the initial stages of colonization."

Own solar system

The faction will start alone in the initial solar system, being able to expand more comfortably.

Our explorers will perform a pre-inspection to ensure that we will be the only inhabitants of our initial system.

Exploration ship

The faction begins with a corvette with normal equipment plus a basic sensor and a warp drive explorer I.

Our combat ship is equipped with sensors and a warp drive that will allow us to explore nearby systems.


Once the type of faction is chosen, the next step is to design the flag.

You can choose the symbol, background color and symbol color, add the acronym of the faction, use the acronym as a symbol, etc.

Initial Protection

The factions that begin the game have a period of protection during which they can not be attacked. No other player can declare war on them and pirate fleets will ignore their fleets. This does not prevent a new player from declaring war on another who no longer has protection, eliminating his own.

May your space adventure bear fruit and time remember your name and your commander's deeds!