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Trading is the activity by which products are exchanged for money. It can be done between factions of players or with factions npc through the stellar market or missions.

Buy and Sale Orders

Trading between players begins with the creation of a buy or sale order of a particular object. This order can be created by:

Buy orders or sale orders have the following attributes:

Object to trade. Each order is of an individual object. It is possible to create a buy order for an object and a sale order of the same object. It is not possible to create more than one buy or sale orders for the same object.
It is always unit price.
Number of objects that are bought or sold

If it is a buy order:

  • We must have enough money to buy all objects at the selected price. If we create an order to buy 1,000 units of metals at 5 credits per unit, we must have 5,000 credits. This amount of money will be deducted from our account at the time of creation of the order and will be shown on the account as' 'reserve' . If the order is canceled, the money will be returned to the account as a refund .
  • We must have enough free cargo capacity for all the objects we want to buy. If we create an order to buy 1,000 units of metals whose volume per unit is 0.2m3, the required cargo space for the order will be 200m3. Within the base it is possible to see the reserved cargo capacity in the cargohold panel.

If it is a sale order:

  • It is necessary to have all the objects that we want to sell in the warehouse. Once the order is created the objects will disappear from the cargo hangar to remain as a reserve. If the order is canceled, the items will return to the hangar.
There is no limitation as to the number of orders that can be created, nor to the unit price, nor to the time that these orders can remain in the market.

Make a purchase

In the trading screen we can see the sale orders that other players have created. We will only see those orders placed in bases or fleets known and in which we have commercial access. From the screen of purchase we can select the number of objects, we will show the total amount and the necessary carrying capacity. Here are two options to receive our purchase:

  1. Make a direct transfer to one of our fleets in the subsector where the base is located.
  2. Request an automatic shipment to one of our bases. This option is only available if the selling base has commercial ports.
If instead of buying a base we buy a fleet on a trading mission, the transfer of the cargo can also be made to one of our bases in the same subsector.

If we have created the 'sales order' , we will receive a warning report with the transaction data when another player makes the purchase of our items.

Make a sale

To make a sale we must locate a buy order on the trading screen. Another player is buying in one of his bases (or fleets) X amount of a certain object. We have two options:

  1. Make a direct sale from one of our fleets. This fleet must have loaded objects and must be in the same subsector.
  2. Make a sale by automatic shipment from one of our bases. The selling base must have shipment capacity thanks to a trade port.

As with the sales order, if it is another player who accepts our buy order, we will receive a report with the data of the transaction.

Stellar Trading Network

The Stellar Trading Network (Stranet) is a market that manages the sale of products and delivery to any part of the universe. Its center is in the enclave of the Moon. You can trade products with the stellar market. There will be unique resources and objects available for purchase, and resources can be sold.

Prices for items will vary by demand.


In order to make a purchase through the star market screen the following steps must be performed:

  1. Enter the number of units of each item that we want to buy. The volume and price will be calculated on the right
  2. Enter a target system. We will be offered as possibilities all those systems where we have a base.

Special articles

The stellar market offers the possibility to buy special items like unique installations or accelerators, paying with money and points of prestige.

Some of these items are unique, so the first faction that buys them will be the only one that can get them.

Selling to the star market

It is possible to sell resources to the stellar market from a base with a commercial port. From the asset tab in the warehouse the option to make a shipment is offered. It is only possible to sell one type of product per shipment.

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