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If we have a trade port we can schedule shipments for our base to run from time to time. The parameters that a scheduled shipment takes are:

Base of origin
Where the shipment comes from.

Target base

Base to which the order will arrive. It must be owned and have a commercial port.
Type of object that we want to be sent.
Number of units sent in each shipment.


Number of times to send. It can be programmed to be performed only once. The system allows us to process up to 100 times.

Start time

Time of the server on which the first shipment will be made. Thereafter, shipments will be made when indexing the periodicity.
Frequency of sending. The minimum period is six hours. If for example we indicate the start time 14:05 and a periodicity of 6h. The first shipment will be made at 14:05, the next at 20:05, etc ...

The scheduled shipment will be canceled (and deprogrammed) if any of the following circumstances occur:

  • The target base does not have enough cargocapacity.
  • The origin database does not have enough objects to send.
  • The origin base does not have enough shipment capacity.

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