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Combat situations between military units are resolved with the victory of one of the contestants, either by the complete destruction of the opponent or by the escape of the surviving units. It is important to have a sufficient defensive military force, since other factions may want to conquer us or we can suffer the attack of NPC pirates.

All combats are resolved in several rounds in which each unit attacks a unit of the opposing army. At the end of each round a flight check is performed, and units that are heavily damaged will try to escape the fight (run away today to fight tomorrow).

Space combat


Space combat occurs between space military units (ships and bases). It can occur under the following situations:

  1. Interception
  2. Attack to a base
  3. Mission of faction or consortium
  4. Random events


They occur when a fleet in mission of interception detects an enemy fleet entering the subsector that protects. It is also possible that an interception occurs during the arrival of an enemy fleet to a system after a jump, if the intercepting fleet is outside the limit of the system.

When an intercept occurs, allied fleets in defense mode join the attacked fleet. Other fleets in intercept mode join the attacking fleet to attack in a group. If the intercepting fleet locates a defensive base (enemy base in subsector) it cancels the attack since the base protects the enemy fleet.

It is possible that an interceptor fleet will cancel an attack if the enemy forces are far superior to their own. In the case of the intercepted fleet, it is possible to accept the combat if its forces are superior to those of the interceptor. Otherwise, you will try to escape.

Once these possibilities are resolved, the combat takes place that has four possible endings:

  1. Fleet attacker is destroyed
  2. Fleet attacker flees
  3. Defending fleet is destroyed
  4. Fleet Defender flees

Resolution of a space combat

Fighting forces attack each other in random order using all their weapons. A space unit may have as weapon a space weapon, or a fighter hangar. Each weapon performs one attack per round.

  • Target size
  • The maneuverability of the target
  • The attacking ability of the attacker
  • Ability to aim the weapon
  • The veterancy of the attacker

If a hit happens, the damage from the shield [shield generator] is first deducted, and then it is checked where the shot was fired. Each module of a unit has an impact area, which is the possibility of being hit. The damages are deducted from the module structure and it is possible that there will be losses in the personnel of that module or critical damages.

If the structure of the main module (chassis for ships and base [base core]] of the unit reaches 0, the craft is destroyed. In some cases, a direct impact on a reactor can lead to the destruction of the unit.

Bases can not escape a bout, but ships can try to escape. Its possibilities depend on the [veteran] of the crew, the maneuverability of the ship and luck.

Damage to modules and critical damage

Shots always impact a location of the unit. The probabilities of giving a module are proportional mainly to its size. There are special modules that receive more impacts, such as a fortification (bases) or a [shielding] (ships).

When a module has received a lot of damage, it may suffer the effects of critical damage. The effects on the unit vary with the module type.

Module Effect
Thruster Loss of speed of the ship
Life support Lower, reduced crew capacity. Until the ship / base is repaired, it will have less crew capacity.
Space weapon It disables or fails more and does less damage.
Shield generator Less shield capacity or total disable, until it is repaired the shield capacity will remain below the maximum.
Troop hangar Damage to charged troops, less capacity. If critical damage is suffered, troops are lost from the hangar.
Cargo hangar Damage to load, less capacity. Critical damage will result in the loss of all cargo in the hangar.
Fission reactor Possibility of chain reaction. If a chain reaction occurs the ship is completely destroyed.
Warp drive Loss of jump ability. Until the fleet is repaired, it can not perform hyperspace jumps.

Attacks on base

Base attacks produce a space combat during the execution of an order of Attack Base. The resolution of the combat depends on whether it is a total bombing, which aims at total destruction of the base, or a bombardment prior to an assault of troops. A previous bombardment aims to weaken the base's defenses before the assault.

Troop combat

Mechas 996x471.jpg

The combat of troops or assault occurs between two groups of troops units. The combat takes place in several rounds in which troops are confronted with troops until all the units of a side have been destroyed or they have fled.

The combat of troops can be spatial or planetary. Space combat takes place under conditions of gravity or low gravity, and therefore, troops need special training and equipment. The force of space and planetary combat vary with each type of troop. There are more specialized troops in a type of combat and there are more optimal equipment classes for planetary combat such as armor or wicks.

Resolution of a combat of troops or assault

The troops of both sides are faced one by one. In each round their forces are compared, depending on:

  1. Planetary or space combat ability, assault or defense (as applicable)
  2. Number of staff
  3. Combat capability
  4. Veteran's level

Each round of combat takes place in casualties facing the troops. The attacking troops have a chance of flight. A troop that loses all its troops is destroyed.


Plunder occurs when a pirate fleet NPC or corsair fleet successfully assaults an enemy base, or when a regular fleet of faction chooses looting as an assault option for a base. The purpose of a looting is to assault the banks, settlers and the base warehouse. There will be a combat of troops, but instead of occupying the base, will only be looted. It is possible to bombard previously to weaken the defenses. There is a troop combat, if the attacking troops win, the base will be looted.

The effects of looting are as follows:

  1. Loss of part of the population as a result of violence. Depending on the casualties, a profit is generated for looting.
  2. Theft of all faction funds not stored in banks.
  3. Theft of all the money stored in the banks of the base.
  4. Theft of all objects in the base store.

A base needs a week to recover from a looting. If it is looted again before this deadline, the benefits of such looting are greatly reduced.

There is a probability of discovering the authorship of the looting if it has been made by a corsair fleet.

Combat capability

It is the fighting capacity of a military unit (ship, base or troop). It includes morale, training, supplies and cohesion of soldiers. Combat capability affects damage that the unit is capable of inflicting in combat. An upper unit with reduced combat capability may lose against a well-stocked lower unit.

Changes in combat ability

  • One unit automatically recovers 1% combat capability per hour until it reaches 100%.
  • An out of stock unit (because it does not pay its maintenance cost) loses combat capability very fast (5% per hour).
  • A unit that has lost a combat (and has managed to retreat) suffers a 5% loss of combat capability (moral).
  • A unit engaged in combat also suffers a loss of combat capability. Each round in which attack will lose 0.5%, as a result of wear, ammunition expense, etc ...


Veteranity is the unit's level of combat experience. All units gain experience each time they destroy enemy units or perform training missions. Each veteran level improves their combat behavior.

Effects of veterancy

Increases combat strength and chances of retreat (and survival) from the unit.
Bases and Ships
Increases firing accuracy and withdrawal possibilities.

Veterancy Levels

  • Recruit
  • Rookie
  • Regular
  • Veteran
  • Elite

All units start with experience 0 at recruit level. As experience points are obtained, new levels of veteranism are being acquired. Veteran levels give bonus in combat.

Gaining veterancy

You can gain experience in combat or performing missions. The missions grant a series of experience points that are distributed randomly between the ships and participating troops. In combat you gain experience by destroying a target, damaging a module or ship considerably or escaping combat after receiving many damage. In the case of troops, the combat experience is gained by destroying an enemy troop.

It is also possible to increase the experience using a:


All units have a basic self-repair capability. This value is low, so a unit can take several hours or even days to be completely repaired. There are modules that can increase this speed of repair and even repair to other units. This repair assistance can be performed by a base when the fleet is executing a docking order on base, granting the bonus to all ships in the fleet. Also, a support ship of the fleet that grants the bonus to the rest of the fleet by having a module like repair hangar R01. In general, the ability to repair a base by space ports will be much greater than that provided by support ships. It is therefore a good idea to have repair bases in strategic locations.

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