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Pirate and corsair fleets are identified with the flag of the pirate faction. However, they distinguish the pirate fleets that are NPC and belong to the faction of the pirates, and the corsairs fleets that are fleets of players with pirate flag.

A corsair fleet is the one that has been eliminated any identification that links it with its faction. A corsair fleet can be created through a command of Order Change Flag. A pirate fleet does not necessarily have to be hostile, but it always poses a threat by not having the attack restrictions that conventional fleets have.

There is no limit on the number of pirate fleets that can be had.

Characteristics of a pirate fleet

  • Conceal their true faction, instead show the flag of the pirate faction. Other players (excepting allies) will not be able to distinguish between a pirate NPC fleet and a corsair fleet controlled by another player.
  • It is possible to discover the faction that owns the fleet by chance if it attacks a base. Every looting that takes place has a small chance.
  • You can make any type of order except for consortium missions and base dock.
  • They do not participate in joint fleet defenses nor are they supported by conventional allied fleets.
  • They are not protected by defensive bases.
  • They can interact trade with bases or even act as trading fleet.