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The bases of a faction will usually be distributed by several points of the galaxy. Materials and troops must be continually transported between bases. This can make logistics a serious problem if we do not master well the mechanics and tools available to the game.

In order to be able to carry cargo from one base to another we will need to use a fleet or the shipments system. Fleets can move to any point on the system, or if they have jump capability, to any point in another system. Shipments need a trade port to send and receive, and it is slower than using fleets.

Transport restrictions are added to the concept of cargo capacity or troop capacity . A base or a fleet can not contain at any time more cargo than it can put in its warehouses.

Use of fleets

At the beginning of the game we will have a cargo ship of reduced capacity that will allow us to build new bases and transport cargo between them. A fleet can transfer cargo with a base through its system of orders, or by direct transfer.

Fleet Orders

The |transfer cargo order allows you to select a base on which to load or unload objects. Since the fleet order system can be chained, we can order the fleet to go to point A, load goods, go to point B, unload those goods, and then return. The fleet will fulfill its scheduled orders without our assistance. The fleet retains cargo information it has previously collected or released.

The order transfer troops allows to do the same but with troops.

Direct download

Fleets can transfer troops or cargo directly (from the fleet screen) to any unit in their [subsector] (fleet or base). The only requirement is that the fleet is inactive (without orders) at that time. If the destination is another fleet, it must also be inactive.

A base can directly transfer cargo to a fleet or base in the subsector, but needs to have an inactive fleet with load capacity to bridge. For troop transfers, the fleet must have troop capacity.


Two bases with a commercial port may use the shipments system for an NPC fleet to carry the cargo to another location. Usually shipments are slower than using fleets. In addition, shipments are limited to the capacity and number of shipments that our commercial ports have.

Shipments can be created from the base screen. The warehouse object panel will offer us the possibility of sending or transferring an object.

Scheduled shipments

Commercial ports allow you to schedule a simple shipment or schedule a series of shipments on a regular basis.

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