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A consortium is an organization composed of factions that are united for a common project of gaining hegemony and / or wealth. Any faction can create a consortium and invite others to join the cause. The faction that creates the consortium becomes the leader, although such leadership can be transferred later. A consortium is not a traditional alliance, but a collaborative organization where members have a common chat and can perform special missions or fight for enclaves. Each member can fight in their own wars without having to drag the rest of the consortium with him.

Like wars, trade agreements are negotiated individually by each member. A faction may authorize commercial access to its bases only to members of the consortium.

During a normal game, a consortium may be very far from others in the galaxy. It is even possible that its members do not know each other, and yet they struggle to control the enclaves of the game.

Consortium members share their quantum gate. It is possible to use them as origin or destination for any faction of the consortium.

Each consortium has its own prestige, which is gained automatically when an enclave is controlled, or whenever a consortium mission is successfully completed.

Members of the consortium

Any faction can be part of a consortium, although there is a limit of 10 members. If new factions want to join, they should wait for old members to be expelled or leave the consortium.

To join a consortium it is necessary to send an application for admission from the consortium page. The requesting faction must be at peace with all members of the consortium. Only the consortium leader can accept new revenue.

It is not possible to declare war on another member of the consortium, and it is a prerequisite to be at peace with all members before entering the consortium. Declarations of war on other factions will be made on an individual basis. It is possible that several members of a consortium will support one another in a war, but others will not participate in that conflict.

Expulsion of the consortium

The consortium leader can expel a member of the consortium as long as he is not participating in a consortium mission at that time. If the expelled faction has fleets in some enclave controlled by the consortium, they will be automatically sent back loading as many troops as it can.

Consortium missions

Consortium missions are a kind of activity that can be done as a team by joining several fleets of factions within the same consortium. The consortium can generate its own enclave mission or accept a proposed mission that appears randomly. Only one random mission is available at the same time.

To be able to do consortium missions, a headquarters is needed, which will be the meeting point for the fleets of the consortium. If the headquarters has a quantum gate, it will have enclave missions available.

There are two types of consortium missions: enclave invasions and NPC missions.

NPC Missions

Its operation is similar to the faction missions, with the deference that all the consortium ships fight together. Generally a combat takes place, that usually has a greater difficulty than the normal missions. The rewards of this type of missions are also much better.

Invasion of an enclave

The mission of invasion aims to attack the enclave and put it under the control of the consortium. During the mission will produce a space combat and an assault where the attacking forces will face the defenders. If the former succeed, the enclave changes hands.

The enclaves are protected by defensive bases. These bases will support the fleet that is defending the enclave at that moment.