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An enclave is an emblematic place in the universe, usually a planemo. Its special status is because it has a symbolic value for humanity, produces some of the special resources or grants access to some special object.

Systems containing enclaves can be controlled by factions and consortiums. These systems are valuable for their prestige and access to their resource. At the beginning of the game the enclaves are controlled by NPC factions, but they can be invaded by player factions. If the system is controlled by a faction that is in a consortium, prestige is shared among its members and everyone has access to resources.

Special resources

If an enclave produces a particular special resource, a percentage of the profit from sales in the Stellar Trading Network will be distributed by the factions that control it. Some enclaves allow exclusive access to unique objects to the factions of the consortium that controls them. These items will be available for purchase on the Stellar Trading Network. Some special objects are the Fusion Rifle or the Capital Base.

Enclave list

Name System Resource
2095 AB 200.jpg 2095 AB-200 Caneda Gravitonio.png 50% It is a dwarf planet of the swan constellation. The anomalies in its orbit made scientists suspect that something inside it destabilized its gravitational field. It is currently the most important source of gravitonium in the universe
ANCAPOLIS.jpg Ancapolis Iotiq Fusion rifle Ancapolis was built as the first enclave with a free, decentralized and open market organization. The society works thanks to the voluntary exchange between individuals who inhabit small independent but interconnected communities. Each settler is a trained and heavily armed militiaman who would turn any invasion attempt into a high-cost enterprise
BETELGEUSE D.jpg Betelgeuse D Betelgeuse Xenobiomasa.png 25% Betelgeuse D was the first planet where there was xenobiomasa matter. Since then it is an enclave of research and production of this resource
BEURA.jpg Beura Calis 12N Beurita.png 25% Beura is a planet rich in its star resource, the Beurita. Numerous mines are spread over its surface, belonging to several companies that make up a cartel
DIKARYA.jpg Dikarya Modaces-86 Xenobiomasa.png 200 Dikarya was the first planet where life was found outside the Earth. Its surface is largely covered by a type of fungus that survives in a very extreme environment. Its exploitation is the basis of a lucrative industry
EL ANILLO.jpg The ring Cygnus X-1 Gravitonio.png 25% The Ring is a spatial structure formed by traces of stellar dust orbiting a collapsed star that formed a black micro-hole
ISPAHAN.jpg Ispahan Rigel Tecnomedina Ispahan is the largest Muslim state in the universe. Populated only by believers of the Sunni branch
LUNA.jpg Moon Sun Capital Base The Moon is the most important financial and commercial center of the universe. It is the headquarters of the stellar commerce network
MANDALAPUR.jpg Mandalapur Exdaq Mandalapurianos Mandalapur is a settlement that received a massive immigration of indi settlers. Its population is the largest in the universe, and offers an excellent immigration bonus.
MARTE.jpg Mars Sun Capital Base Mars is the second most important planet after Earth. It was the first planet to be colonized by humanity. On its surface there are huge colonial and research complexes among which the data center that contains all the knowledge of humanity stands out.
NEUTRONIKAL.jpg Neutronikal Calvera Neutronio.png 50% Neutronikal is a station that is in the system of a neutron star. It is strongly protected for being one of the main neutronium suppliers in the universe.
NEW WHITBY.jpg New Whitby Miqus Neutronio.png 50% New Whitby is a famous and dangerous asteroid field. It takes pilots very trained to navigate it and it has been the tomb for many unfortunate or too intrepid crews.
PALAX.jpg Palax Qubeq Gravitonio.png 25% Palax is a planet fractured by the body collision that exceeded 40% of its mass. Its surface is very irregular and unstable, and its core was exposed showing an important gravitonium deposit that would have been otherwise inaccessible.
PLUTON.jpg Pluto Sun Capital Base Pluto is the planet where the first quantum gate was built and from where the first extrasolar missions were launched. It is one of the largest industrial centers of shipbuilding.
PROKARIDES.jpg Prokárides Xadurni Xenobiomasa.png 25% Prokárides is an asteroid that was part of a giant planet that was destroyed by an impact 275 million years ago. In one of its tectonic pits lives a type of extremophile microorganism whose growth is impossible elsewhere.
PROSPERIDAD.jpg Prosperity Socani-34 Prosperity Bonds Prosperidad is a social paradise project created at the beginning of the XXII century. In its beginnings, a society was established in which all its citizens enjoyed a multitude of rights. The system was initially supported thanks to the voluntary contributions of its first settlers, but once the initial funds were consumed and lacking a solvent production system, there was a terrible economic crisis that made the government fall and an economic system of free trade was introduced. market.
PROXIMA B.jpg Next B Next Ceutauri Orbital Bastion Proxima B was the first colonized extrasolar planet. He received massive immigration in the first years of space colonization. It has excellent infrastructures built by the first settlers.
SAGIR5.jpg Sagir 5 Gargantua Plasma Lambda.png 25% Sagir 5 is next to an unstable black hole that emits intermittently jets of exotic matter. The place is extremely dangerous, so in moments of stability, it is used to collect valuable material from a nearby station.
SWEET ANN.jpg Sweet Ann Zhizea Beurita.png 25% Sweet Ann is the name that explorers put on one of the most inhospitable planets in the universe. Its color is black as coal, its volcanic surface, hot and unstable; and its atmosphere, dense and dark. In spite of everything, there is an intense mining activity due to its important Beurita deposits.
THETIS B.jpg Thethis B Thethis Plasma Lambda.png 25% In Thethis B was found a warehouse that had an antiquity of 8.5 million years, long before the appearance of the human species. Among gigatons of unusable material for us, they have found what look like Plasma Lambda stacks. The extraction has not stopped since then.
TIERRA.jpg Earth Sun Capital Base The Earth is the cradle of humanity. It is the most advanced and decadent planet in the universe. It remains the great cultural reference and political center.
X1X.jpg X1X Edars Plasma Lambda.png 50% X1X es no un planeta, sino el nombre en clave de un proyecto de investigación que pretendía cavar un túnel hasta el núcleo de un planeta deshabitado y producir una detonación termonuclear que generara una fractura controlada del astro. Durante las excavaciones se hallaron los yacimientos de Plasma Lambda más grandes del universo.
YIGS KAI.jpg Yigs-Kai Angrem Beurita.png 50% Yigs-Kai es el nombre de una estación espacial localizada en un inmenso campo de asteroides conocido como "el gran Kai". Es la mayor reserva conocida de Beurita del universo.