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The ship models are designs that mount a set of modules on a ship's chassis to create a configuration from which space shipyards can assemble a ship.

The construction of ships begins with the design. All design must assemble modules known by the faction, but not necessarily must know how to make them. It could mount modules or chassis whose technology is unknown and obtained through research. The configurator ensures that the designed model is valid. A valid ship design must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must equip at least one propeller.
  2. Must have enough power for the modules.
  3. Must have enough life support modules for the crew.
  4. The chassis must have enough space to mount all the modules.
  5. The chassis should be able to mount all weapons.

Characteristics of a model

characteristic description
Chassis Each ship is mounted on a type of [chassis], which is what determines its class. Each chassis has a different module capacity and allows to mount different number of weapons. The chassis itself consumes energy and requires a minimum amount of crew to operate.
Space The space to install modules depends on the type of chassis. The bigger the ship the more space it has.
Power All ships need power to supply the chassis and all modules.
Crew The number of available crew of the ship is determined by the modules of life support that installs the ship. The more modules of different types are installed, the greater the demand of the crew to operate them.
Structure They are the total resistance points of the ship, adding all its modules. However, it is the structure of the chassis that really matters, since once they reach 0 as a result of damage, the craft is destroyed. The [shielding] modules have a lot of structure points and also receive the most impact in combat, so they protect the structure of the chassis.
Mass The mass of the craft is the sum of the mass of the chassis and the rest of the components. The mass determines the final speed of the ship, the warp speed and its maneuverability. The larger chassis are heavier, and there are modules, such as shielding, which add much mass to the craft, reducing its final speed.
Default Role Every model has a default role for new ships to be built. This role is possible to change it once the ship has been built.

The rest of the characteristics of a model are the ship's own ship.

Limit of models

There is a maximum number of models that a faction can have. It will be necessary to remove an old model if you want to create a new design and there are no holes left. The number of maximum models that a faction can have can be increased with the technologies of ship design databases I.