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Objects are always contained in a fleet or base cargohold. Fleets combine the cargo capacity of all ships and act as if they had only one cargohold. All objects have a 'volume' which is the amount of space a unit occupies in a cargohold. It is not possible to exceed the capacity of a cargohold, so load orders that try to overcome capacity, will fail.

The storage capacity can increase by installing cargo hangar modules.

Base cargohold

The storage capacity of a base is determined by the type of base, that is to say, its base core and the cargo hangars that it installs. Generally, it is necessary to have large warehouses in industrial bases, where there are assembly plants that receive and process the resources converting them into modules. The bases of the miners usually need a good store to avoid that this is filled continuously with the production of the mines.


Mines put resources they extract in the cargohold. If they do not have sufficient capacity, they will stop and have to be reactivated again by the player.

Fleet cargohold

The ships of the entire fleet combine their cargo capacity. This one sold determined by the hangars of load that install some of its ships. It is possible to have ships without carrying capacity, usually the military ships. Industrial type chassis has more space to install cargo hangars.

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