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The population is one of the most important resources of the game. It is vital to have a constant flow of input through immigration and fertility. All our military units need population, and having enough people will allow us to expand faster and recover before losses.

There are two types of population:

It is loyal personnel who work for salary composing our bases, fleets and troops.
They are inhabitants who come to live our [colony] s in search of a better life. In return we are paid taxes.

Our military reserve population accumulates in the 'population reserve' . The value of the reserve represents the number of people we have available to create new units or reinforce those we already have. Reinforcements are automatically transferred to ships, bases or troops requiring reinforcements as long as our reserve is above the minimum reserve (value we can change).

Classification of the population

Base personnel

The modules installed in the bases require personnel to operate them. It is necessary that the base has sufficient capacity for all personnel, for it is installed modules of life support.


Like bases, ships need personnel. During the creation of the model of a ship have to install enough modules [vital support] to contain all members of the crew.


The troops are composed of battalions of 500 troops. When a troop enters combat it can suffer casualties. These casualties will have to be recovered as reinforcements from the population reserve.


The settlers make up the civilian faction staff and live in habitats. In exchange for living on our bases, the settlers pay taxes, which are one of the most important cash inflows of a faction. In order to increase the number of settlers of a base, new habitats have to be installed.

Colonies do not receive reinforcements in the same way as military units. Instead of receiving population from the reserve, immigrants come directly at a rate that varies with factors such as happiness.

Population reserve

Population reserve

The population reserve is the set of people who are waiting to be assigned within your faction. The faction has a maximum base reserve capacity that can be increased by building state centers. If the number of people in the reserve exceeds its maximum, they will begin to leave to become emigrants.

The reserve is needed to create new units and to reinforce existing ones. If, for example, a new module is installed on a base, a series of visible vacancies will be created in the reinforcement section of the population screen.


When a troop is created, 500 reservists are removed and transferred to the recruiting center / center to be trained and converted into soldiers. The same thing happens with a ship at the beginning of its construction. The bases hope to be built to begin receiving their reserve staff, just like the habitats.

The population screen allows us to establish a minimum reserve which avoids the transfer of reinforcements from the reserve if that value is reached. This allows us to have a quantity of personnel always available in case of wanting to create a new troop or ship.

The reserve automatically increases every hour due to immigration and fertility. The flow of immigration is random, but changes with events of the galaxy. In order to have a higher flow of people per fecundity, we can install cloning centers. It is also possible to get reservists using our influence and buying reinforcements in the Stellar Trading Network.

The rate of reinforcement is the rate at which reservists are transferred from the reserve to bases, ships and troops.

  • The maximum reinforcement rate per hour for bases is 100 staff per hour.
  • The maximum rate of reinforcement for fleets depends on whether the fleet is on a base.
  • The maximum reinforcement rate / hour for troops depends on the type of troops.

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