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A leader is a character recruited by the faction that can be assigned to one of our units by awarding bonuses based on their abilities. Leaders can be recruited into the pool of leaders and have a cost in influence based on their abilities. They also have a maintenance cost (salary) that is based on their abilities.

Leaders can be from one of the following classes:

  • Admirals
  • Commanders
  • Spies
  • Governors

You can assign an unoccupied leader to a new destination at any time. The bonus offered will start to apply at the time you have reached that destination. Unassigning a leader is immediate, going back to the pool of faction leaders and being available for a new fate.


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Leaders can have one or more skills related to their class, each skill has a level that can be:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Epic
  • Legendary

The total bonus offered by the skill will be multiplied by the level in that skill. So for example for an admiral with the skill of pilot, you will have a 5% bonus to the speed of the fleet by level, being 5% for basic, 10% for advanced, 15% for expert, 20% for epic and 25% for legendary.

Ability Class Bonus
Foreman Commander Base constructor
Counterintelligence Commander Surveillance
Diligent Commander / Admiral / Governor Maintenance
Corsair Admiral Being discovered as a corsair
Lucky Admiral Emergency jump
Engineer Commander Shipyards production
Slippery Spy Possibility of being captured / killed
Coach Commander Production barracks
Observer Commander / Admiral Sensors
Pilot Admiral Subluminal speed
Official Admiral Defense of troops
Prescient Admiral Presence
Navigator Admiral Warp speed
Pilot Admiral Subluminal speed
Gunner Commander / Admiral Anti-gas fire
Miner Commander / Admiral Asteroid and planetary mining
Intrusive Spy Infiltration missions
Hacker Spy Hacking missions
Saboteur Spy Infiltration missions
Subversive Spy Subversion Missions
Informer Spy Reporting missions
Charismatic Governor Popular support
Collector Governor Taxes
Recruiter Governor Colony recruiting