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The core of a base is the main module on which the rest of the modules are installed. To create a base you need a fleet and the core of the base type you want to create. There are two types:


In addition to the distinction between spatial and planetary, base cores vary in the following characteristics:

Atribute Description
Colonial administration It is the cost of bureaucracy and administration that has a basis. For more information see: colonial administration.
Defensive Bonus Almost all bases offer a defensive bonus to your troops. This bonus is added to the fighting force of all the troops that are part of the base garrison. There are specially

designed bases for the defense that have a higher bonus. However, it is possible to increase this bonus by installing fortifications

Loading capacity It is the size of the initial store of the base. It can be increased with the construction of cargo hangars
Module capacity It is the inner capacity of the base for new structures and constructions. All modules have a volume that consumes this capacity. The module capacity of the base determines its maximum growth.
Capacity of personnel It is the initial available space for the base staff. It can be augmented with life support modules.
Troop capacity It is the initial number of troops that the base can house as a garrison. It can be increased with barracks or fortifications.
Energy It is the basic energy production of the base that allows to supply the initial modules.
Presence It is the measure with which the base can go unnoticed before detectors.
Weapon systems Number of weapons that the base can equip.
Maximum hostility Level of hostility of the environment that the base can support.