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The Protectorate is a diplomatic protection system for those factions that prefer to avoid war. The faction may play without risk of being attacked by other factions and may develop its faction in a peaceful manner. All the factions begin the game in the protectorate, but they can leave it or return to it whenever they want as long as they meet the conditions.

A faction may leave the protectorate at the time it wishes and may return to it later if it meets its conditions and a minimum of one week has passed. The factions within the protectorate only receive 50% of the prestige and influence they receive. This prestige is transferred to your protector.

The protector of a faction in the protectorate can be an NPC faction or a player faction. At the beginning of the game the protector is always an NPC, but a player can claim someone's protectorate for himself and become his protector. To do this, it is enough to do it from the diplomacy screen and the following check will be made:

  • If the protectorate belongs to an NPC faction and the protected one has some basis within our sovereign territory, the protectorate is transferred immediately.
  • If the protectorate belongs to another player, it is verified how many bases of the player of the protectorate are within the territories of the claiming player and his current protector. If the claimant has more base, he "steals" the player from the protectorate and becomes his new protege.

It is possible that there are struggles to possess players of the protectorate that will automatically transfer your prestige. Note that for this it will always be necessary for said players to be within sovereign territory to be able to be claimed.

Restrictions within the protectorate

A faction within the protectorate has a number of limitations:

  • You can not declare wars or have active wars.
  • Can not claim the sovereignty of any system.
  • You can not build bases or mine in systems in which another faction has sovereignty.
  • Can not build megaprojects.
  • Can not have corsair fleets.
  • Can not create or belong to a consortium.
  • If you leave the protectorate, you must wait 24 hours before you can declare war. You must wait a week to reenter the protectorate if you leave it.
  • Protectorate fleets can not detect in systems with sovereignty. The bases (previously existing) can do it.
  • You cannt have or invade enclaves.