Pirate activity

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The pirate activity of a system indicates the number of pirates operating there. This activity translates into an increase in attack events and their virulence. It also determines the pirate actions that can be carried out.

There are four levels of pirate activity:

  • Null
  • Low
  • Half
  • High

Completing or failing missions can affect the level of pirate activity by increasing or decreasing it.

Pirate Actions

Pirate actions are available on all systems. However, the type of actions is limited to the activity level. Higher levels of activity allow you to hire more deadly missions, usually to hurt other players.

Every pirate action has:

  1. Cost in money
  2. Execution time
  3. Probability of detection

The probability of detection can be reduced with the technologies of Corsairs I, Corsairs II, and Corsairs III. In case of being discovered, the instigating faction will have a slight loss of prestige and a news report will inform of it in the system.