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Accelerators are single-use devices that can reduce the time of a task. There are 25%, 50% and 75% bonus accelerators.


  1. Assembly: Accelerates the assembly of a ship. It can be processed from the space ship screen.
  2. Training: Accelerates the training of a troop. It can be processed from the barracks screen.
  3. Manufacturing: Accelerates the fabrication of an object. It can be processed from the assembly plant screen.
  4. Research: accelerates ka research of a technology. It can be processed from the lab screen.

Object list

Name Bonus
Research booster 3H 3h
Research booster 6H 6h
Research booster 12H 12h
Ship construction booster 3H 3h
Ship construction booster 6H 6h
Ship construction booster 12H 12h
Assembly booster 1H 1h
Assembly booster 3H 3h
Assembly booster 6H 6h
Training booster 1H 1h
Training booster 3H 3h
Training booster 6H 6h
Installation booster 1H 1h
Installation booster 3H 3h
Installation booster 6H 6h
Research booster 24H 1d
Colonial booster 6H 2.16E7
Colonial booster 12H 4.32E7
Colonial booster 24H 8.64E7
Prospector 1
Terraformer 1
Troop trainer 15
Base trainer 15
Ship trainer 15
Hyperspace destabilizer 1
Solar destabilizer 1
Bonds 1K 1,000
Bonds 10K 10,000
Bonds 100K 100,000
Bonds 1,000K 1,000,000
Prosperity bonds 1,000,000
Reinforcements x50 50
Reinforcements x250 250
Reinforcements x1,000 1,000
Mandalapurians 1,000
Colonists 10,000 10,000
Colonists 50,000 50,000
Colonists 100,000 100,000